Who am I and what do I do?

I would for sure not call myself a writer or blogger. I have the worst grammar and punctuation, oh and the spelling. My husband says that I write with a lot of passion and very little periods and that is very true.

I am here with the mission to advocate for victims and their families of crime. Missing and Murdered loved ones and the fight the families go through to keep their cases alive is just wrong. Murder is not discriminatory nor is abduction. It could be any of us at anytime affected by such a tragedy. So how do we help these victims and their families when law enforcement has either given up or exhausted every lead? We tell their stories over and over. We try to get anyone and everyone to listen because unfortunately public pressure is the only thing that will ever solve some of these cold cases.

If you would like to learn about these cases and how to help the families please follow the links to their pages.

There will be pieces I just write on things I have learned since I started all this and I hope that this page can help give a voice to all those families fighting for their loved ones. Here is where I shout all their names in hopes to bring each one Justice.

Sometimes you don’t know you know something. sharing these cases again and again can lead to a break some families have been waiting decades for.

So strap in, the grammars messy, the punctuation lacking and the emotions pure and raw. Welcome to Sipping on Some Crime Reports

4 thoughts on “Who am I and what do I do?

  1. Nice Website! Good Luck to all those seeking answers and finding closure. Never forget, Remembering their presence is what keeps them alive and with you always. My condolences to their families and those who cared for them. 🙂

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  2. Erin your passion is inspiring and better to have messy grammar than nothing at all, you are giving a real voice for those that need it the most….. I admire your courage for just doing all that you do since you clearly care about the victims, and not the abxijutr scum that perpetrated these horrid acts. I heard you on Dakota spotlight and look forward to following everything you do


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