Debanhi Escobar

Debahni 18 would go out with friends for a night of partying. When she is not home the next morning her parents call the police to report her missing. While the police began a massive search for Debahni her mother receives a haunting picture of Debahni from a friend that was with her the night before sent to her by the taxi driver that picked Debahni up at the last party. This eerie photo would go viral and would become the face of a movement in Mexico for women all across the country fighting against the rising out-of-control cases of femicide. What happened in the hours of Debahni’s disappearance and the discovery of her remains has been shrouded in mystery and mistrust with not only Debhani’s family questioning the investigation but the women of Mexico who are demanding answers for all the women of Mexico that have been murdred or have vanished.

Sources and informative links:

Femicide in Mexico a crisis


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