Tracy Kroh

Tracy just 17 disappeared after leaving her home to drop off items at her sister’s house before heading to the town square to hang out with friends. The following day Tracy’s car would be found in the local town square but Tracy was nowhere to be found. What happened that night in that small town, and how has Tracy’s case remained unsolved for 33 years?

Kimberly, Ellen and Tammy


Sources and informative links:

Tracy Marie Kroh

Tiffany Sessions

Elizabeth (Beth) Anne Miller

Elizabeth Ann Miller

One thought on “Tracy Kroh

  1. Thought you might like an update on this case. Warfol was named a suspect a week or so ago. Not sure what evidence the police have. However, it is highly unlikely that he will be charged or stand trial, as he is 89 and apparently has a form of dementia that is causing him to be declared incompetent to stand trial.


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