Call to Action Brandy Myers

Brandy Myers

Thank you for visiting the link and supporting the continued fight to get Brandy justice. Below I have typed out the letter that Kristin would like us to send in the box that populates when you use the QR scanner that says your message.

Kristen has done such an amazing job making this super simple. So I will include the image of the QR scan code for you all again.

If you would like to include your own message by just following the QR scan and letting Allister Adel know how you personally feel about this case and why it’s important to you that is always welcome and we thank you for that.

It takes less than three minutes when you copy-paste add your name and hit send and you are going to make such a massive impact. Thank you again so much for your time and please remember to share.

The original letter


Dear County Attorney, Allister Adel,

 This letter is to serve as a call to action in regards to the Brandy Myers murder investigation. In 2015 Bryan Patrick Miller also known as the canal killer was is considered the main suspect in Brandy’s murder. It was stated by the Phoenix Police Department that he lured, dismembered, and disposed of her remains to the Maricopa county landfill in 1992.

The Phoenix Police Department has determined this case to be solved but not resolved.Due to the lack of physical evidence Mr. Miller has not been charged, convicted, or had any repercussions for his actions in this cold case.

Maricopa County and the city of Phoenix have a long history of charges with “ No Body” cases. These cases such as Christine Mustafa, Alissa Turney, Jhysse Shockley, Brad Hanson, and Gabriel Johnson were all able to have charges placed against those determined to have committed these crimes.

In reference, the Phoenix Police Department has called the county attorney’s office to action to place charges against Mr. Miller four separate times with no recourse. It is now up to the citizens to demand a resolution for the safety of all citizens of Maricopa County.

As a concerned citizen, I am deeply troubled by the refusal of action to change and furthermore convict Mr. Miller. After reviewing the facts of this case I urge you to not only provide justice for Brandy Myers but for her family and the citizens of Maricopa county to ensure the safety of further generations.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter I hope to hear in the near future for a reconsideration of this case to ensure safety for all by the action of prosecution.




When you scan that QR code this is what will come up.

The form from QR code


Now all you simply have to do is fill in your first name your last name and then copy and paste the letter above and place it in the message box and hit send and you’re done.


If you are new to Brandy Myers case and you’re questioning why this Letter is here and why it is so important for you to send it please follow the links below to learn more about Brandy’s case and how else you can help.

Brandy Lynn Myers

Thank you for your support!

Erin Reed

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