Seeking Diane Part one, episode log

Diane’s disappearance has so many puzzle pieces that its overwhelming. In episode one of Seeking Diane, Sherri and I covered What it was like for Diane’s daughters living with Diane before being removed by the state. We talked about the men that were in Diane’s life and the impact they had not only on Diane’s life, but her daughters and how some of those men may know more about her disappearance than they are leading on.

Understandably the first episode is a lot of information to digest as this case is so big, and there is so many important pieces, it’s hard to make sure your covering everything essential .

We wanted to provide you with a time line and a description of the people closest to Diane before she goes missing. Bellow you will find the names and descriptions of those closest to her around the time of her disappearance.

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Melinda/Frehd and Diane were very close. The girls remember Frehd being a staple in their young lives growing up with their mother. unfortunately Frehd lost her battle with cancer in 2013 and left many questions about Diane unanswered.

Frehd and her twins who are still in contact with Diane’s daughters.
Frehd and Diane were always together
Diane, Charles, Jessica and Sherri
Picture from Missing Diane Facebook page

Charles is the father to both Jessica and Sherri. Diane and Charles tried to make it work for a few years. Diane eventually cheated and Charles left. Diane always wanted her girls with her so she took both girls with her after they officially split. After Charles Diane would meet Schmitt.

Diane would meet Schmitt and her and the girls would move in with him. Schmitt and Diane had a toxic relationship and used and drank together, which tended to cause domestic disputes. They would break up and Diane would meet JT/John

Dian and Schmitt
Diane has always been stunning and when she walked in a room everyone noticed .

JT and Diane would move in together and thats when we would see child protective services step in more and more through out the years together. Diane and JT’s relationship was another cycle of abuse and drugs which lead to the children being neglected for longer periods of time. Diane would work to try to get clean and stay clean, but the drugs and alcohol had a hold on her. Diane fought every time to get back to her girls before the state finally took them away for good. Foreman is another love interest in Diane’s life that comes around 2000.

Diane finds in Foreman what she has always found in these relationships. More abuse along with more drug and alcohol abuse. Diane has lost her rights to her kids and we know she’s not getting any better. Was loosing her kids, loosing her will to fight back to sober Diane. Foreman’s story about the last time he saw Diane changes again and again. We don’t know the truth, but we keep digging hoping that in the end we can answer the question of where Diane is.

Foreman, the picture on the right is from when he was with Diane. Notice the dogs are the same as the ones pictured with Diane below
The most recent pictures of Diane before her disappearance

Diane didn’t just stop calling her family, she hasn’t just stop seeing her friends. Diane has vanished and there are two girls that desperately are seeking the answers of what happened to their mother. Please share Diane’s story and help us bring her home.

Diane’s daughters Sherri and Jessica

Picture credits go to Sherri. She’s collected them from photo albums and Facebook and has done a great job finding and preserving so many amazing images of her mothers life.

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