Kathy Gloddy Script Episode 1

This town was safe, Nobody locked their doors and the kids played and ran around the neighborhood freely. There has always been a small town feel with approx 6,000 residents living in Franklin in 1971.

The town referred to as “The three rivers city” is at the junction of 2 of those rivers. With a beautiful quaint down town lined with local shops and neighborhoods filled with families, Franklin seemed like the ideal place to grow up as a kid.

However that was all about to change for this peaceful New Hampshire town on November 21st 1971 the days of unlocked doors and kids playing in the neighborhood and traveling alone to the store was over and this town would never be the same.

It was a Friday afternoon November 21st 1971 and Kathy Lynn Gloddy, 13 asked her sister Karen then 15 if she could go down to the connivence store and get potato’s sticks and Ice cream. Karen didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t go so she told Kathy it was ok.

 Kathy dresses in her jacket hat mittens and snow boots before heading out the door with her ever faithful companion Tasha her German Sheppard . Kathy walked down the street to the corner store where she bought her Ice cream and potato sticks she loved so much.

Kathy was then seen walking across the high school parking lot by a few fellow school mates. Karen her older sister was attending a sports banquet that night on campus and fellow classmates remember seeing Kathy looking into some of the windows before heading away from the campus in the opposite direction of her home.

One school mate remembers saying hi to her as she crossed the lawn but says it seems like Kathy didn’t hear them because she just kept walking and was headed the opposite direction of home.  That was around 7:30- pm that night.  Some speculate that Kathy might have swung by campus knowing Karen would be there to say hi to her sister, but not finding her, she decided to leave.

Karen later returned home to find Kathy hadn’t returned home yet and it was late, later that Kathy would normally be out.

Around 10:30 pm Tasha Kathys German Shepard appeared outside the Gloddy home without Kathy. Kathys mother instantly knew something was wrong.

Karen recalls “The dog climbed up on the doors scratching at the door to get in, once we let her in she ran around the house,searching for her.” Kathys mother started to assume the worst. Karen remembers telling her not to panic, but her mother knew something wasn’t right, she just knew.

Around 11:30 pm the Gloddy family phoned the police to report Kathy missing. Now you have to remember it was 1971 and back then police officers were not under the instant assumption if a kids reported missing that it was anything more than a kid running away. Most departments had a 24 hour to 72 hour window before you could report someone missing. Which as we know now are the crucial hours of an investigation.  

Kathys family knew this was out of character for Kathy even when officers tried to tell Lucille Kathys mother that kids do this all the time and to not be concerned yet.The officer did agree to take down a description of Kathy and told Lucille that they would pass along that information to the patrol cars just in case they spotted her.

The family knew the officers were wrong, Kathy hadn’t runaway.  Kathy was a sweet Tom boy who was very concerned about the Vietnam war, got involved in helping local clothing drives and had a compassion for helping those in her community.

She wrote very deep poetry and was just a kind hearted girl. Karen says that Kathy was an old soul, always so aware of what was happening around her and how that affected people.  This was not like Kathy, something was wrong.

 It was November in New Hampshire and it was around 25 degrees  that night and Kathy was not dressed to be out for very long. Karen says when Kathy left the house she barley had enough money to purchase her ice cream and potato sticks so she knew she wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Kathy and Karen shared a room and were really close, Karen and her sisters Ann and Janet along with their mother and father all immediately knew something had to be wrong.

 The Gloddy family made a plan to go out and look for Kathy that night. They called on friends and neighbors to help them . All night long they searched for her.  Not a family member or close friend got any sleep that night as they canvassed the streets looking for the young girl that seemed to have vanish in just a few short hours .

  The family and friends spent that night walking the streets that Kathy typically would have taken home asking passerby’s and businesses if they had seen Kathy. They talked to Kathys friends and neighbors hoping someone would know where Kathy was. with no luck and the sun coming up some of the family headed back home to regroup.

  Karen decided instead of heading back to the house she just had to check the railroad  tracks that ran through town close to the house to see if maybe Kathy had decided to take that way home the night before.

Karen walked scouring the ground for a mitten of Kathys, her hat, anything that would point to Kathy going that way.Karen couldn’t find any sign of that she might have gone that way so she decided to head back home and check in and see if Kathy had returned or if anyone had heard any news about her whereabouts.

When Karen walked up her street towards her house she saw all the police cars surrounding her house, her heart sank. Karen walked up the drive and into the house. In the living room she saw her mother sobbing hysterically and her father crying. Her sister Janet came up to told Karen that they located Kathy and she had been Murdered.

 Karen looked at Janet shaking her head, it couldn’t be true, they were confused. It had to be someone else. Karen looked in Janets eyes and that’s when she could see she wasn’t lying this was real. As the news really hit her karen can remember looking over at her mother just as the doctor who had been called over to the home gave her mother Lucille a shot to basically put her to out to sleep because at this point she was hysterical. Karen walked into the kitchen and sat on the floor with her head in her hands just sobbing.

The Franklin police let the family know that Kathys body had been found in the woods just a few miles away by a popular swimming spot.

Hunters had discovered her body and at first had thought it was a deer caucus. Kathy was identified by someone who recognized her and that’s how police knew to contact Kathys parents.  

This was a violent murder with details  that the family would only learn through the local news paper and local news station headlines as the weeks went on.

The police in Franklin had never dealt with a murder this violent, they didn’t know what they were getting into or how to properly secure the sight, or how to even begin working a case like this. Franklin didn’t have its own corner so they had to have one from Massachusetts come and do Kathys autopsy. They had a local doctor do a small exam after she was found but needed the corner to do the full autopsy report.

That same day Kathys body was discovered the police would go into the room that Kathy and Karen shared and they began tossing the room looking for clues, the ripped her bedding and mattress apart and tossed aside things of Kathys they felt didn’t offer them any clues. After they were done they walked out Kathy and Karens room and left it torn apart.

 Karen said she will never forget how that felt. The last bits of Kathy and who she was, her room her belongings they all had been disturbed and thrown aside and just left that way for the family and more importantly for her sister who shared that room with her, to have to pick up the pieces of what was left and try to put things back together.

It was bad enough that she lost her sister, her parents were devastated and now the room she shared with her sister would never be the same any hopes of preserving her room and her belongings like it was before all this happened, that hope was gone. Police officers had walked into her home, rummaged through her sisters belongings, and gave no further detail to the Gloddy family concerning Kathys murder other than it was being investigated as a homicide.

Karen’s just remembers looking back and being 15 and understanding in that moment that Life as she knew it her family’s lives had been torn apart and nothing was ever going to be the same.

The autopsy report would reveal Kathys cause of death to be “traumatic asphyxia and multiple blunt injuries with the rupture of the liver and a fracture in the skull”

Karen remembers finding out all the gruesome details of her sisters death through the sensationalized headlines that would would be scrawled across the newspapers in town.

The family and the whole community would learn the violence Kathy endured that night through the press. In the few days following the discovery of Kathys body the press would release an article in the local paper stating details on Kathys death and about the crime scene. The Gloddy family learned that day that Kathy was found  lying naked in the snow except for her knee high socks. A detail that shouldn’t have been shared to the public about the scene.

There was no victim advocates or victims rights back then and the press not being use to such a violent crime in their community they didn’t know, or didn’t acknowledge a protocol on what to report to the public.

The following days another article would go on to explain that after the corner report was done that they determined Kathy had been violently beaten and rapped multiple times, and another news report would reveal that Kathy had been run over by a vehicle 4 times after the unspectacular or suspects involved in her murder attempted to conceal her body.

Finding out all these gruesome details was really hard for the family and finding them out in such a public way was even worse.

Karen told abc news “to think that she was left there, you know?”” In the cold of a dark winters night and with no clothes on. And what had happened to her just came crashing down it was really hard.

Karen says her parents we never the same after the murder. it was almost like they checked out. They lived day by day but it wasn’t living, it wasn’t a life.

As Franklin police began to piece together what may have happened to Kathy the case was also opened to state investigators. The problem with multiple different departments working on Kathys case was that none of them seemed willing to share information with one another.

Karen said it was like they dug their heals in and decided individually their department would be the one to solve it, they didn’t see the other department as part of their investigation. Karen noted in an article that The Attorney general at the time Warren Rodman wanted everything ran through him on this case before it was done which looking back Karen believes slowed down the progression on the case.

The public was shocked and horrified by the details of this crime and with local papers putting out so many reports It seemed as the weeks went on this case was becoming more about politics and less about Kathys murder.

DNA evidence was unheard of back then and they didn’t have to knowledge we have today about preserving a crime site.

From reports it seems as if Kathys body was placed in this brush as a place to hide her body, but the actual beating and rapes took place somewhere else . With the amount of over kill involved in her murder investigators on all sides believed that this murder had to be personal for this type of brutality.

The police had some people of interest but no solid lead or suspects and it would remain that way until 12 years later in 1983 the case was reinvigorated. Now the police had a more narrowed list and focus on a few people of interest, but they just couldn’t get the solid evidence to pursue any of these people of interest. Again the case went cold

As the years go on Karen, Ann and Janet continue to fight for Kathy.The three sisters would become their sisters advocate as more and more tragedy befell the family. While fighting to keep their sisters case alive they would loose so much more.

 Kathys older brother Richard would later die from congenital heart defect. Kathys father Earl would die of Cancer in 1992 and Kathys mother Lucille  would take her own life in 1997 writing in a note that she just wanted to be with Kathy. All passing with out ever knowing what happened to Kathy that day, and who’s responsible.

Karen says that after Lucille took her life that as kids it hurt tremendously that she had done that, and she had to pray to forgive her, but it still hurts.

To have lost so much and for their mother to leave her other children here to suffer her loss, it was just so much for the family to bare. Yet Karen, Ann and Janet kept pushing the Franklin police department to continue to investigate their sisters brutal murder.

During this time Karen started writing a book about her sisters murder and the lasting and continuing impact it had on her family and the community. This isn’t a book about all the gory details Of her sisters murder, instead this book really focuses on the family and the aftermath of loosing someone so violently, and how that forever changes you and your family. Karen talks about how her parent just couldn’t deal with Kathys death, it broke them and they were never ok again.

 Karen remembers her and her siblings would fight so hard to hide their tears from their parents knowing they just couldn’t handle thinking of Kathy and her death. She talks about still being home growing up in a house when your parents check out due to a tragedy and how these children still needed their parents, but knew they just couldn’t be there like they needed. Karen and her siblings knew this fight for Kathy would have to be fought by them, they had to have the strength to raise her voice and demand justice.

Karen and her sisters would be instrumental in getting a cold case unit established in New Hampshire. Karen wrote a second book that focuse more about the investigation into their sisters death. She writes about the beginning of the investigation and how there were so many departments involved and how in ways that truly hurt the case. Karen talks about the fight to keep her sisters case alive, to have any rights in her case and the fight to demand a cold case unit in new Hampshire

I will put a like to Karen’s web page on the sipping on some crime site so you can check out her site and both of her books. Karen and her sisters have done so much to fight for their sister and its truly inspiring, I definitely recommend checking out her site.

There was a number of other suspects through out the years but none of them had enough evidence to make a case. The years went by and there was no movement on the case until in March 2006 a 63 year old man came in to the Dixie County Police department in Florida saying he needed to make a report .

The man sat with officer Dean miller and said “I think I need to be arrested, because I killed somebody” This man was Edward Earl Dukette. Ed began telling Detective Miller about a young girl he took fishing over 30 years ago, at one point he says they were heavy petting and then he said he realized she was suddenly dead so he put her in his trunk and buried her. He was jumping all around with jumbled facts.  Even with Ed story seeming jumbled and out of order Detective Miller asked Ed if he could record his confession and he agreed

Play 20/20 clip of statement.

Major Miller calls the New Hampshire State police Officer Scott Gilbert and let him know a man who wondered off the street and into his office claiming to be responsible for a young girls murder in New Hampshire. After hearing what Major Miller had to say the New Hampshire police booked a flight to Florida right away.

When New Hampshire officers arrived in Florida to speak with Dukette, he was now back tracking on his statement and refusing to come in for a meeting with the officers.

Ed tells the officers he was confused due to a recent spinal tap and new medication and he must have seen a movie and that made him think these things. With Ed refusing to come in and meet with New Hampshire detectives they had to fly home without being able to interview him.

With Ed now backtracking on his statements Franklin investigators had to again take a fresh look at the case and this time look into Ed Dukette past and where he was when Kathy was Murdered. While investigating Ed and digging through his past they discovered something that would change the whole projection of the investigation and shock everyone.

Edward Dukette 28 in 1971 had actually been living in Franklin during the time Kathy was Murdered and he lived a lot closer then investigators would have ever predicted. In fact Franklin was Ed Dukkets home town. He was born and raised in Franklin. The Gloddy family rented out apartments in their home and in 1971 Edward Dukette was living in the upstairs apartment with his wife and young child. The Gloddy sisters were no stranger to Ed during that time either. Turns out the sisters all at some point had traded off baby sitting for Ed and his wife’s young child.

The same year that Kathy was killed, Earl Gloddy, Kathys father sat on the jury for a case of a man accused of statutory rape. Earl and the other jurors found the man guilty. That man was Earl Dukette ( Ed’s father) After Earl Gloddy put together he was his father he evicted Ed and his family from the apartment. I cannot find anywhere what lead to Earl Gloddy making that decision, weather it was something he heard in court or the fact that he just didn’t want anyone associated with that man around, not sure, but he did evict Ed just a few months before Kathys murder.

Investigators spoke to Karen and her sisters wanting to know if they remembered Edward Dukette. Karen said instantly it clicked and a memory she buried so deep came to the surface. Karen remembers Ed, his wife and young child living above them because like stated earlier she or one of her sisters would babysit for them.

Karen tells the officers of her last interaction baby sitting for him and why they girls never went back. Karen said that last time she came to baby sit the little one Ed was there with his wife when she first arrived. Eds wife got ready and left leaving her alone with Ed and the small child. with in moments of his wife leaving Ed grabs Karen picks her up and takes her to his bedroom where he attempts to sexually asult her, but she gets out of the room and leaves the house before anything can happen.  She came home and said nothing, She didn’t tell her parents because she knew you just didn’t do that in the 70’s.

Investigators also discover that Ed was living in California just a few months before Kathys death and had ran back home to Franklin New Hampshire because he was facing charges for raping a 14 year old girl who lived in his neighborhood in Gardenia . In July 1971 The 14 year old girl came over to Ed’s house under the guise of a baby sitting job. However once she arrived he grabbed the young girl detained her and repeatedly raped her for over a day and a half before finally letting her go. The young girl reported everything to her mother and her mother called the police.

Ed fled the area before he could arrested and back home to Franklin with his wife and young child renting from the an apartment from the Gloddy family.

When we take in this information and we look at the violence of Kathys death, the over kill of violence, and the repeated rape. Things start to line up.  Now you have a man who’s been accused before of raping a young girl repeatedly, a man who’s been evicted and who’s father was sentenced for rape after that same man sat on the jury and delivered a guilty verdict. The last victim he let go went to the police so he couldn’t risk that again.

Investigators realize that again he ran from Franklin a few months after Kathys death and they pick up his trail in Texas 1972 where he is arrested for the California rape charges. He is extradited back to California in 73 and is sentenced 5 years in prison. They discovered that that was not his first conviction. Ed Dukette’s record shows that in June 1st 1969 Ed is charged with attempted rape of a 14 year old girl. He plead guilty and was sentenced to Min of one year and a day with a mix of three years in NH prison. He served a short sentence and was out and on his way to California by July where that time he actually raped a young girl. So we can see a pattern here and its escalating quickly.

After serving his last prison sentence we don’t see or hear much of anything from Ed Dukette until he walks into the Dixion County Police station to confess.

Now New Hampshire investigators had a time line. They had motive. They had  witnesses that could place Ed in Franklin in November into December. One witness a man who said he had traveled to Franklin with Ed told police about how they called him Dirty Eddie and that he was generally rough with women.

  Investigators had Kathys body exhumed in 2006 to be examined by a forensic anthropologist and based on their findings they now were armed with a better picture of what happened to Kathy that day.

with the knowledge about his past convictions and new interviews with witnesses and associates of Ed the New Hamp police felt they had a pretty good picture of the type of guy ED was when he was living in Franklin and now they knew how they were going to approach Him and get him talking. The NH State police officers bought their tickets to florida and arranged to meet up with Dixion officers and bring Dukette in for an interview. New Hampshire State officer Scott Gilbert told told 20/20 that he remembers having the plane tickets to fly back to florida to interview Ed when he gets a call that Ed passed away.

August 13 2009 just three years after walking into the florida police department to confess to being involved in Kathy Gloddy death Ed Dukette would die in hospice from lung and liver ailments but not before finding god. Neighbors say Ed had a huge copy of the 10 commandments on his front lawn in front of his trailer in Florida.  He was very involved in his church and had remarried and had more children. The investigating officers now think that Ed walked into the station that day looking to clear his conscious or for some type of redemption before he died of cancer.

Kathys murder investigation is still open today with so many unanswered questions. Where there others involved and if so are they still in Franklin. NH police still have a list of 15 other people of interest. Karen doesn’t believe he did this on his own and thinks other were involved.

Karen travels to Florida to speak to Ed’s wife after his death in hopes that if she knew anything, if he had told her something, that now in his passing she would share.

Karen remarks how she could tell his wife really loved him and she was in her own deep grief. Karen was up front telling Ed’s wife she had the right to her grief but that what Ed did to her sister was horrible and unforgivable. Ed’s wife tells Karen how its her fault he back tracked on his statements.

She tell Karen how ED came home and told his her that he had just confessed to having knowledge about the murder of this little girl and that he was involved. Right away she tells him it cant be true it must be his meds.

She tells him she knows he is very sick and confused and must understand that as sick as he is if he were to go to prison they wouldn’t, couldn’t care for him like she would. Ed was very ill at this time and that thought did frighten him, so that’s when he decided to backtrack and go silent.

 Ed’s wife said he had an awful fear of being put in a nursing home as he aged, he made his wife promise to never put him in a home so the idea of jail was even worse. Karen left Florida asking his wife, please if you think of anything that could help solve my sisters murder I hope that you would tell investigators. Karen  told Ed’s wife that her and her sister were not going to stop. This wont just going to go away until Kathy has her justice she deserves.

Karen believes he was trying to do the right thing in the end, clear his conscious before dying but ultimately was too afraid to face the consequences and took his secrets to the grave with him.

 Kathys sisters will never stop fighting for her justice and they will never stop fighting for cold case funding. They don’t want another family to go through the decades of pain they have faced due to a lack of a cold case unit.

It was July 30 when Gov. John Lynch, surrounded by members of the state Attorney General’s Office,the Gloddy sisters signed the law that created the cold case unit. 2009 Janet Young was one of several surviving family members who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Senate Bill 130, which would add two attorneys to the one now serving the Cold Case Unit, for a total of three.

I recommend looking more into this case. Like I had mentioned before they do believe that there could have been more suspects involved in Kathy’s murder. When you’re researching this you come across a salesman that was in the area that apparently changed his tires the very next day after this happens that others have mentioned as a suspect. Others think that Kathy may have been one of three other girls that might’ve been killed by the same person or the same group. So there’s some very interesting theories out there but I think if you’re interested and you should definitely dig into.

 If you want to know more about Kathy’s case and what her family is doing today and what they’ve gone through a highly recommend going over to Karen site and checking all the current updates as well as checking out both of her books. Thank you so much for joining me today I am learning this whole podcasting thinG. So bear with me I hope this first episode wasn’t too awful with the audio. Until next time remember when you’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram share those faces because that’s how we are going to solve these cases.

It takes one second to retweet it hit that share button on Facebook help these families out every single retweet or share is so Important to helping solve these cases and getting the cases the exposure that they need. Until next

Script written by Erin Reed

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