Seeking Diane

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Diane T Francis didn’t just light up a room when she walked in, she set the room on fire. Not only was she extraordinarily beautiful but she had a smile that drew you in and one hell of a left and right hook if you messed with her.  

Diane’s smile that lit up the room

Diane has two beautiful Daughter Sheri and Jessica. Sheri remembers her mom always being the funniest person in the room. Being the prettiest in a room , she attracted everyone to her, yet the guys she would pick wouldn’t be the kindest men. Diane had her own demons from her childhood that I believe definitely lead to her leaning on alcohol and drugs to deal with them. 

Diane would get deeper into addiction making poor choices of whom she allowed around her kids and where she would take her two little girls as they tagged along to the different friends’ homes as they all got together to drink and hangout.  

Diane eventually lost custody of her two girls and that crushed her heart. There is a police report shortly after her girls were taken by the state where they were called out for a Domestic Dispute between Diane and JT, her boyfriend at the time. Upon their arrival the officer sat with Diane where she explained that she just lost her children and she didn’t want to live anymore. 

Sherri and Jessica Diane’s daughters

In 2005 Diane is off the map, no site of her at any of her usual hangouts, which were well documented due to her many run ins with local police. Diane had an alias which she had been arrested under many times as well “Kimberly T Foreman”. Arrests under Diane and “kimmy” suddenly stop with a trespassing charge 11/27/2005 being the last recorded police interaction with Diane.

Diane seemed to vanish into thin air until a she made a phone call in 2006 to her father seeking financial assistance. Diane said she wasn’t doing well and was very sick. That’s the last anyone has ever heard from her. Both men Diane was romantically involved with at the time of her disappearance maintain they don’t know where she is. Neither of these men ever reported her missing until one day after 12 years of Diane missing from his life JT randomly calls the local police department to officially report Diane missing since 2005.

Why did JT call 12 years after Diane went missing? Why was JT”s neighbor and good friend reported missing just days before he called in to report Diane missing? Why wasn’t Diane’s family out looking for her while her children were in and out of foster care? Why is Sherri the only one looking for her mother?

Did Diane decide to vanish on her own wanting to stay hidden, did she get fall into danger on the streets, or did her health fail her? Sherri and her sister deserve the answers.

Sherri will be co-hosting a mini series on Sipping On Some Crime Podcast about her mother and her disappearance that plans to debut in March. We have had so many wonderful people reach out and offer help in finding Diane and we honestly couldn’t be more appreciative.

This story has so many layers and an article will never do it justice. Let’s show Sherri she’s not in this alone. You can help in the search for Diane by sharing her story and joining the fight at


The amazing Sherri Snider: Diane’s Daughter

Sheri has collected every police report and and every single file on her mother that she was able to get her hands on. Sherri has spent years amassing this file on her mother herself and its outstanding.

Erin Reed

Sipping On Some Crime Reports

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