Erin Marie Gilbert

I was introduced to this case by one of my dearest and closest friends. She grew up in Alaska and remembers this story from when she was small. She always wondered what happened to Erin that day. I lived in Alaska twice and I never heard this story. I went to Girdwood to hike on more occasions than I can count.

Girdwood was always my escape from Anchorage. It’s just a short 15 minute drive from Anchorage on the Seward Highway. Beautiful views as you have the towering mountains on one side and the vast expanding coast line on the other side. Between Anchorage and Girdwood is so many little pull offs for hiking, climbing, and taking pictures. Beluga point where you can see the hump back whales is about the halfway point on your journey to Girdwood. It is a Single lane road that is highly populated so how this young lady just disappears without witnesses blows my mind.

I plan to take a deeper dive into this case and tell you Erin’s story. It’s time we find Erin and we find who took her away from her family. Erin didn’t just walk away from her life that day. We have a small pool of suspects and no crime scene and no body. We have no real time line and only two witnesses that can positively say they interacted with Erin that day at the Fair.

For now I want you to know who Erin was, the next article I will go into what possibly happened to Erin. This case has little to no coverage and I see why. It’s a hard case, but that does not mean that Erin’s story does not deserve to be told. Erin deserves Justice and the people or person that took her life deserve to pay for what they have done. Too long this story has sat silent, no longer.

Erin Reed

Sipping On Some Crime Reports

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